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WISE Project: Longitudinal Research

The Social Enterprise and Labor Market Integration of Black and Racialized Canadians in British Columbia is a Canadian federal government-funded longitudinal research project. The project aims to provide important evidence on the role that Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISEs) in British Columbia play in assisting Black and other Racialized Canadians to overcome socio-economic barriers by directly estimating the impact of a variety of social enterprise models.

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Be Wise & Aware: Preventing Financial Abuse of Seniors

As the largest cohort of our population ages, older people today are more visible, more active, and more independent than ever before. Evidence from Statistics Canada suggests that each year, hundreds of thousands of older Canadians are abused financially and exploited by their family members and/or caregivers. Financial abuse of the elderly is consistently unreported for various reasons, with the victims’ dependency upon the abuser being the main reason. Data suggest that one of the most common forms of abuse against older Canadians is financial abuse,  of which most perpetrators are family members or caregivers. The increasing growth of the racialized senior population in Canada and the challenge of aging (financial exploitation)  suggests more awareness and capacity building in the areas.  Pertinent to this issue, the "Be Wise and Aware" project follows our just-ended "Feeling Safe and Stong" project to raise awareness and build the capacity of racialized seniors in British Columbia.

The SeniorsSafetyBC is a bilingual support hub for seniors in British Columbia, created by the Mainland Community Services Society.  The hub is created to inform, empower and provide important resources for British Columbia seniors. The hub will help victims and at-risk seniors to migrate out of abuse towards their

"Feeling Safe and Strong."

Mainland Community Services Society will work to raise awareness on the multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination against people with disabilities in British Columbia by conducting activities during the 2023 and 2024 National AccessAbility Weeks (NAAW). Through activities such as awareness workshops, multi-stakeholder dialogues and the launch of a large-scale campaign, Mainland Community Services Society hopes to increase awareness of accessibility and inclusion, improve understanding and knowledge about accessibility and inclusion issues and, reduce stigma and attitudinal barriers towards persons with disabilities.

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